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Friday, May 13, 2011

Baseball Mom

It's starting. I've resisted for a long time - he's too young, he's not ready, let's just do martial arts instead - but now it's time. To push it off any further would be doing him a disservice.

My oldest has joined an organized sports team. Baseball, to be specific. 

3 weeks ago when I reminded my son that he was signed up for baseball and it would be starting soon he had a gigantic fit. He didn't want to do it, how could I make him and why didn't I warn him before I signed him up? Well, he knew I was signing him up, he chose baseball over soccer, and I even double-checked with him. So what was the problem? Nerves. He was scared to meet new people and do something he wasn't used to doing.

2 weeks ago when my mom & stepdad were here they bought him a bat, a couple baseballs, and a mitt. We went out to a baseball diamond at a school nearby and practiced a bit. After that I didn't hear a word of complaint.

Last night we went to the first practice. I signed all the forms, got his uniform and signed up to bring the snacks for one of the games. In true sports mom form.

I was so proud of him last night. No nerves last night. He jumped right in. And when the coach was asking for a volunteer to demonstrate where center field was he raised his arm the highest.  

In the next 5 weeks we have 4 practices and 10 games. Here we go.

He's an Angel. And a handsome devil.

His brother giving him words of encouragement just before his first time up to bat.

Because I love themed collages.


  1. My kids have never done league sports. Track and football with school and ballet but not baseball. Sometimes I regret that and sometimes I think it would have been a disaster for my boys so good thing we skipped it. Anyway all the bb moms I know love it so I'm sure you;ll have a good time :)

  2. It's starting out well so I have high hopes. My little one just told me he wants to play football though and I don't see that happening anytime soon. I can only handle so much, you know? ;)